Shrub Trimming and Mulch Job

This is the finished look of a shrub trimming and mulch job completed back in May 2015 in a townhome community in Aldie, VA. I also spent some time with the homeowner giving him some tips on how to properly maintain this gorgeous landscape and to keep the lawn green and lush.


Softscape Install and Sod

Late Winter 2017 we were contracted to clean up the property before going up for sale. This project include leaf and limb removal, new plantings in the landscape beds with fresh black mulch to complement the red brick. We did a good bit of tree and shrub trimming, and laid about 600 square feet of new sod in the front yard. Luckily the nursery we deal with was opened and had enough plant material on hand in their green houses to fulfill the order of exactly what the home owner wanted. Just one of the many advantages we have over our competition is dealing with such a large nursery, who actually has the ability to stay open during the winter so that companies such as ours can still operate as well.

Leaf Removal

Before and afters from 2016 of various leaf removal jobs in Winchester, VA. for a very well know pharmacy, “at the corner of happy and healthy”

Drainage Systems

Mrs. Johnson contacted us in the spring of 2015 with concerns of standing water in her back yard. I identified the problem being poor drainage control, she was also concerned that the grass wouldn’t ever grow in this area, despite numerous attempts from other so called landscapers. I was able to narrow down the root of these issues to a faulty drain system installed by the previous contractor. They had used 10 foot sections connected together on a 200 foot run, which had collapsed under ground and was not working properly to run the ground water off. We dug out the old piping and installed a continuous 200 plus foot run, paired with 2 catch basins in order to properly drain the water to either side of the property as well as installing a culvert pipe under the driveway for even greater flow. Then we brought in fresh topsoil and laid fresh sod, giving the customer the luscious grass filed back yard she always wanted. We also built new concrete steps leading from the deck to the new patio, which we also installed completing the back yard livable space so desired.

Project in Front Royal Summer of 2015

These are from a project in Front Royal summer of 2015, this customer wanted to put her vacation home on the market and was concerned that the property was terribly overgrown and there was no defined driveway at all, the entrance from the main road wasn’t even visible and I had to put the truck in 4 wheel drive just to gain access for the initial visit. We quickly cleared 2 acres of the property around the home and gave it a fresh driveway, the end result was amazing and the customer was extremely pleased with how the project turned out. She also had us construct a walkway leading from the driveway to the front porch at a later time. This customer trusted me a great deal, as her primary residence was nearly 2 hours away. She also had me change the locks and finish some inside drywall and paint repairs. I referred her to my realtor who was able to help with the sale of the home.

French Drain Installation

Thankfully the winter of 2016/2017 was exceptionally mild, this allowed us to stay busy during a time when landscape work is usually slow to nonexistent. The client was concerned about the amount of water that pooled up on the walkway ever time it rained. She already knew how to fix it just could not do the physical labor involved in digging a 30 foot trench. Good thing for her drain work is one of Presidential Landscaping’s specialties. We will be back to do more work for this client in Front Royal, in the Spring.

Before and after shrub trimming

Before and after bush trimming and leaf removal from a customer in Front Royal 2014. This customer had purchased the home 2 years prior to calling us and had to put the home back on the market for whatever reason. And so he wanted to have the one acre property cleaned up, to include removing leaves which had been sitting for two years or more in this densely wooded community, and also trimming a couple of dozen bushes around the home.  Of course we answered the call and began working on it.