Drainage Systems

Mrs. Johnson contacted us in the spring of 2015 with concerns of standing water in her back yard. I identified the problem being poor drainage control, she was also concerned that the grass wouldn’t ever grow in this area, despite numerous attempts from other so called landscapers. I was able to narrow down the root of these issues to a faulty drain system installed by the previous contractor. They had used 10 foot sections connected together on a 200 foot run, which had collapsed under ground and was not working properly to run the ground water off. We dug out the old piping and installed a continuous 200 plus foot run, paired with 2 catch basins in order to properly drain the water to either side of the property as well as installing a culvert pipe under the driveway for even greater flow. Then we brought in fresh topsoil and laid fresh sod, giving the customer the luscious grass filed back yard she always wanted. We also built new concrete steps leading from the deck to the new patio, which we also installed completing the back yard livable space so desired.