Lawn Aeration and Seeding

As you might expect, we’re often asked questions about lawn maintenance and how to keep a yard greener and healthier. As with all growing things, there are recommendations for certain types of lawn maintenance for certain times of the year, and this typically depends on what grasses a yard consists of. For most lawns, a maintenance item for the fall—though you may not think so at first—is lawn aeration and the seeding of certain grasses. These are vital for the future of your lawn.

Aeration and seeding are just two parts of Presidential Landscaping's fall schedule.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is a very important part of lawn care; it involves perforating the soil with small holes that over the course of the coming year will help provide air, water, and nutrients to the soil and grasses in your yard. These are essential elements for healthy lawn growth.

A core aeration—what we in the industry call it—is performed using a machine that perforates three- to four-inch holes into the lawn. This allows air, seed, and fertilizer to reach the root systems. It also helps to loosen compacted soil, reducing thatch and helping roots grow deep to produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. This is then typically followed by seeding, which along with the aeration helps to promote new and strong growth that’s better prepared for the coming year.

Should You Bother? What Are the Benefits?

Yes—you should strongly consider lawn aeration service every year. Although it’s often said that you need to aerate only every three years, aerating annually is going to help maintain your lawn by encouraging thicker, greener, healthier turf. Poorer soils like clay should be aerated a couple of times per year. If your lawn has thin areas and weeds this fall, that’s absolutely going to affect next year’s growing season. Benefits of lawn aeration include:

  • Improved cushioning and resilience
  • Enhanced water uptake
  • Reduced water runoff and puddling
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown
  • Stronger grass root systems
  • Improved air exchange between soil and atmosphere
  • Reduced compaction of soil
  • Enhanced tolerance of heat and drought
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use

You can see what proper lawn aeration service can do for you, so be proactive about your lawn care!

Get Your Lawn Aeration Service On Our Schedule!

As always, this fall season promises to be very busy. We want to give your property priority and provide you with the opportunity to schedule your lawn aeration and seeding during the peak season (September through November). By maximizing the time available for healthier roots to establish before winter and taking full advantage of springtime growth opportunities, you will help your lawn show the best possible results for next year.

Ensure your spot on our schedule for this or one of our many other fall season projects by calling (540) 664-7248 or emailing us. Other fall services include but are not limited to:

  • tree/shrub care
  • lawn fertilizing
  • grading
  • gutter cleaning
  • leaf removal
  • firewood