Lawn Care For Residential and Commercial Properties

Presidential Landscaping offers residential lawn care in Front Royal, VA.Being the proud owner of the sort of landscape that’s the envy of the neighborhood year-in and year-out is, first of all, not easy to achieve and, second, not easy to maintain. Aside from dedicated manual labor just to get the initial results, it requires a lot of attentive and continual lawn care plus a similar amount of money. But if you’re like most people out there, you probably just don’t have time and energy to spare for your lawn, even if you’d love nothing more than to spend your time beautifying your property. Whether you need residential lawn care, commercial lawn care, or both, Presidential Landscaping offers a range of lawn care services that can be tailored to the needs of your specific property.

Presidential Landscaping provides residential lawn maintenance in Front Royal.

Residential Lawn Care and Maintenance

As Front Royal’s premier residential lawn care experts, we’re proud of the energy our employees dedicate to every job we handle, big or small. Along with other services, we provide professional lawn care in these areas:

  • Mowing. Enjoy a neat, well-trimmed lawn all year long with our top-notch mowing crew. For your convenience, we offer regular mowing work as part of our residential lawn care packages, or you could take advantage of our one-time mowing service if money is a concern.
  • Spring/fall clean-up. Some residential landowners are happy with the all-natural look of a lawn into which leaves, branches, and other debris have fallen. But for those who find it aesthetically unpleasant or dangerous, Presidential Landscaping helps guard against those possibilities by ensuring your lawn is clean at the times it’s most needed.
  • Trimming and pruning. Typically, these tree care techniques are used jointly. Trimming is done mostly to get rid of branches that are overgrown and/or to get a tree to conform to a specific shape. Pruning, on the other hand, is intended to cut away dead branches primarily for safety reasons, though it can also be used to shape trees as desired. Together, these two methods of care help trees, hedges, and shrubs maintain not only their health and beauty but also safety.

Commercial Lawn Care and Maintenance

Presidential Landscaping offers commercial lawn care in Front Royal, VA.If you own a commercial property, you know that your landscape is the first thing customers, tenants, or users of your facility see when they get there. But unlike the typical residential property, commercial properties are large and often have features that require extra attention, which can make caring for them time-consuming and physically difficult. Why not give your property executive care from Presidential Landscaping? Our commercial lawn care service gives you the sharp, professional-looking landscape people expect to see and that you want them to see. All commercial customers are welcome at Presidential Landscaping, including:

  • Facility managers
  • Homeowners associations (HOA)
  • Property managers

Presidential Landscaping provides commercial lawn maintenance in Front Royal.Regardless of the sort of property you have, Presidential Landscaping’s knowledgeable commercial lawn care professionals will use everything they know of the environment in your area to customize a lawn care plan for your landscape and keep your grounds green, healthy, and welcoming to customers or tenants.

When shopping for the right commercial lawn care company for your business landscape, give Presidential Landscaping a call or send us an email to give your lawn executive care.