Snow Removal

It’s the middle of winter, and that means the middle of snow season.  Do you know where your snow removal crew is?

Well, I hope you do, because when you don’t clear snow and ice from your commercial property you are just inviting trouble.  Did you know 90% of sidewalk injuries occur when there’s less than one inch of snow?  That means that there is a thin layer of snow between a clear lot and a slippery mess.  If you aren’t cleared properly, liability falls on you as the property owner.  Once all the snow has been cleared it’s extremely important to apply some deicing agent.

So, in order to protect yourself from a slip and fall lawsuit, here are the 3 STEPS TO FOLLOW:

  1. Hire a reliable snow and ice management service.
  2. Monitor your sidewalks for slip factor and keep deicer on hand for that sudden change in weather.
  3. Put up signs if you knows that certain areas are prone to forming ice.