Tips for Spring Clean Ups

The month of March is a landscapers favorite time of year. Do you know why? If you guessed Spring, you’re right! We at PLS recognize it as the start to annual landscape cleanup and preparing lawns for the growing season. Here are just a few maintenance tips we would like to share. As winter comes to an end temperatures start to rise enough for flower and leaf buds to show signs of new life.

Now is a good time to prune away any dead branches and just take a look around to see what else may need some attention, as many of us have not walked around our home much all winter. There may be a few tasks you never got around to doing back in the Fall. It’s a good idea to shape your hedges and flowering shrubs such as Rose of Sharon, however hold back from pruning late bloomers like Forsythia until after the bloom. You will want to trim back overgrown evergreens to encourage growth. Using a sharp pair of bypass pruners, cut back any flowering perennials to a height of 4-5 inches and 2-3 inches for ornamental grasses, this will allow new growth to sprout up. If you notice any areas in your beds that need filled in you can divide perennials, such as daylilies and hosta, be sure to use atleast 3 stems per clump.

Next we want to inspect beds and borders and rake out any leaves and fallen foliage, we do this to prevent plants from being smothered or attacked by disease. In a few weeks the threat of frost is gone and now we can remove old mulch and replant as necessary. At this point go ahead and spread some fertilizer (10-10-10) before spring rains. Use a square headed shovel to clean up the bed edge and keep grass from growing over, now your ready to put down some fresh mulch. Remember a 2-3 inch layer of mulch is enough to act as a weed barrier.