Tree & Shrub Trimming

Most people appreciate the appearance of a well maintained landscape.  Some know the importance of keep the plant life in those landscapes trimmed.  However, very few have the time to do it themselves.  That’s where the knowledgeable crew of Presidential Landscaping is able to help.

We are proud of the skills of our crew.  Each member of Presidential Landscaping is trained on the proper trimming and pruning techniques of your trees and shrubs.  This helps insure a full and healthy life for your trees and shrubs.  Whether you prefer to have your landscape trimmed each season, or have neglected it for some time, we are here to assist and make the task less overwhelming for your and your plants.

Although we are skilled at doing tree trimming and removal, some times we even need help from tree professionals.  That’s why we trust, Smitty’s Tree Service for the jobs that are over our head and out of our reach.