Professional Landscaping Services

Let Presidential Landscaping be your lawn care provider!

Elect Presidential Landscaping To Be Your Lawn Care Provider!

Presidential Landscaping has been maintaining both residential and commercial properties since 2001. We started out just mowing lawns and quickly built our current reputation for being a professional, reliable, and trustworthy lawn care service provider. Now we have many clients for whom we do a variety of lawn maintenance services.

We’ve endured many setbacks along the way, but believe those trials and tribulations are a big part of what has made our company what it is today—one of the best lawn and landscape companies you can find in the area. Rest assured, though we started by mowing lawns, we’re not just looking to mow more of them. As you can tell by our list below, we love landscape work. We love it not only for the feeling of accomplishment, but also because they let us be in touch with Mother Earth. So if you want a service provider to care for your lawn as much as you care about the appearance of your lawn, call Presidential Landscaping at (540) 664-7248 or send us an email to schedule all of your lawn care and landscaping needs including, but not limited to:

Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to perfect your dream home, have hit a busy period in your life and don’t have the time to take care of things yourself, or are trying to sell your home and understand the value of curb appeal, look no further than Presidential Landscaping for your lawn’s care.

We offer a full maintenance package and other services, which allows us to be here for our clients seasonally or year-round.


We answer our phones and look forward to making your lawn our top priority.